Can I afford Coachella?

10 Jan

Attending the annual Coachella music festival held in California is on my bucket list, towards the pointy end. I also want to go soon, taking advantage of my youthful ability to party for three days straight with minimum sleep and maximum music. The lineup released today almost made me cry, in a childish trantrum manner, because my favourite artists are on the bill. To see Radiohead, Florence & the Machine, Bon Iver and the Black Keys at the one festival would be beyond incredible.

I find myself staring at my bank account balance, wondering if it would be worth it. My economist father hopefully would applaud the following attempt at a rational breakdown of the cost of attending.

Ticket: $300 assuming I snag one of the tickets released by Coachella on Friday. If I don’t, then based on last years ticket sales on eBay, I’d have to pay at least $500.

Flights:$1586 Flying direct to LAX with Qantas 18/4/2012, returning 24/4/2012. That’s assuming I go just for the Festival, with a couple of days each side for timezone adjustment/hangover recovery. As it’s right in the middle of assessment at uni, that would have to be my limit at that time of year. Seems like a long way to go just for a weekend though.

Transfers/Accomodation: $500, that’s assuming I rent a camper van @ $50/night with $200 for fuel/tolls. Hotels/Hostels in the area are currently at $300/night, which sounds ridiculous to me. There are probably restrictions I don’t know about on campervan parking, but I figure it’s at least a plan to start with.

Food/drink/alcohol: $700 Music festivals are notoriously expensive. I guesstimate after everything was said and done, I’d probably end up spending $100/day, except on the Monday when all I’ll want is a greasy hamburger to nurse my hangover.

Grand total: $3386 for the best case scenario regarding tickets and campervan or closer to $4000 for the less lucky options.

That’s a very expensive weekend.


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