Elevator Pitch

13 Oct

Our website aims to educate and inspire young people about Australian political issues and processes. It will cover topical issues in the mainstream media, along with backgrounders on Australia’s political and government systems in a straightforward, engaging and interactive way.

It will be aimed at the 3.5 million 16-25 year olds that currently live in Australia, which is about a fifth of the total population. According to the 2006 census, 63 percent of people between 12 & 25 we studying at either highschool, tafe or university and I hope our website will be able to complement their education as well as engage with those who are no longer studying.

The revenue model will essentially be advertising based, as our target market is also a prime target for marketers and companies. I also hope to also secure funding from the Department of Education or at least collaboration with the education system to drive students to the site. Obviously, if this were to be successful, the need for advertising would be removed or reduced but safeguards to ensure independence from political pressure would also have to be considered.

Grace has been involved in politics and youth affairs for over 5 years. Firstly through the ABC’s ‘Talkback Classroom’ program and now as a junior member of the parliamentary press gallery in Canberra. Youth affairs and issues have always interested me, and inspiring the younger generation to get involved in the political process is a goal. To do this, political education and facts must be available at an accessible level and done in an interesting way. I am also teaming up with another journalism student also interested in the youth and politics relationship, Dion Pretorius, who has a background in educating kids at Questacon and now works in public relations. I think our mix of skills and ideas will make a formidable team capable of achieving our common goals.

Our competition is youth focused websites and traditional news sources that already have a large online following. Triple J is currently the leading source of information for under 25’s with a huge presence online (website, facebook, twitter). Their news-focused segment ‘The Hack’ explores some of the issues affecting young people, but we hope to expand on these and provide more interactive content and facts then they do. Our site will involve a large amount of content that can be ‘shared’ through social networking to raise our profile and generate a larger audience because studies show young people trust what their friends recommend more than other sources.


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