Can it be done?

13 Oct

I think there is a hole in the market that ‘Cut the Crap’ could fill. While there is plenty of online news-based websites around politics, not many are targeted at a specific age range- they usually are left/right orientated. Furthermore- the aim to delineate between fact, opinion and media spin is something that is currently lacking in political rhetoric.

I think targeting it at generation Y is a worthwhile age group, as my research showed they use online media most frequently. This age bracket means that the content will have to be more creative than the traditional news material, and something that is valuable/attractive for the audience to share via social media.

Many of the survey respondents expressed a desire for political discussions to centre around the policies instead of the personalities, and I think that ‘cut the crap’ will be able to fulfil this desire.

The model for funding and support is still something that has to be worked through, with someone with more experience and knowledge than me, but the target market is certainly sought after by advertisers. I’d like to keep it advertisement free if possible, but acknowledge that means funding will have to be provided by someone with an agenda for the content, another thing I want to avoid.

Considerable effort would be needed to be successful in this market, with time consuming videos and graphics integral to the content model. I’m confident that high production levels and creative thinking would enable ‘cut the crap’ to be viable.


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