Opinion, opinion, opinion.

1 Oct

The most popular form of online media about politics is certainly opinion writers. Everyone has an opinion and some are more willing to share theirs than others. These are called opinion bloggers and can range from the right wing, to the left wing and not many cover the middle ground. The best use facts to back up their points of view, the worst use hysteria and ‘selected facts’ to communicate their message.

The message is predominately text based, with maybe a clever image or two to get their point across. Text is good for opinion, because it’s quick to produce and is able to be completed in a much shorter time-frame than video or images. Time is of the essence in political opinion, and the quicker you can get your idea up, the better.

I think opinion blogs are popular because the average joe likes to know what someone they ‘trust’ thinks about a given issue, and is more likely to agree with their point of view. Conversely, others like to read what people they don’t like think about issues, to get a range of views about a hot topic.

Good opinion writers analyse the topic and not just regurgetate the political spin that goes along with it. My favourite opinion blog is the Drum because it represents a wide range of views and topics and as an off-shoot of the ABC refrains from name-calling.


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