Twitter Research

11 Sep

Twitter is a Gen Y hot spot, with the social media scene being our ‘pub’ for sharing ideas and thoughts. Thus, it’ll be very easy for me to find out what young people are talking about, and what concerns them. Apart from footy results and drunken tweets, youth use twitter to connect with people they usually wouldn’t have access to. From celebrities and sports stars to Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott, getting in touch is now just a tweet away.

I think harnessing Twitter’s potential for story ideas, sources and content will be vital to making ‘cut the crap’ work. From offering a twitter account that the readers can tweet to, a visual stream on the website and easy twitter links for content are all things I think will be integral.

Who to follow?

  • The traditional political parties all have active ‘young’ twitter accounts. These will be essential in looking at what issues the parties are addressing and what their stances are.
  • GetUp is currently the most successful community activist organisation in Australia. Their campaigns will no doubt throw up issues that will need to be explained on ‘cut the crap’.
  • Politicians themselves can be fantastic to follow on twitter, not only for their accessibility, but also for seeing them as ‘people’ not just talking heads following the party line.
  • Other news outlets. These will show what the ‘traditional’ media is reporting about, and will un-cover any topics that may be confusing or complicated for ‘cut the crap’ to explain.
  • Government departments- the Gov 2.0 movement is taking hold, with more and more departments having a profile on twitter. For example, following the Bureau of Statistics will notify me when new data that may be helpful in explaining a story is released.
  • The parliamentary library is a great source of information for everyone, not just media professionals. Their explainer pieces are already fabulous, and a great launching pad for ideas, links and statistics.

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