Politics minus the spin cycle

31 Aug

I’m interested in Federal Politics, but this isn’t exactly ‘niche’ as there are countless blogs on this rather fiery and divided topic already. So after jamming my thinking cap on, and working in the Press Gallery in one of the most heated sitting periods on record, I got to Friday afternoon and had a brain wave. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone just concentrated on the facts, figures and actual legislation before parliament, instead of name-calling, back-stabbing, soundbites and spin.

As a generation Y’er, it’s easy to understand why most of my friends are completely apathetic about politics. We’re the generation that gets bored easily, but are also driven problem solvers. Hearing Julia and Tony say the same negative things about each other every week and never appear to be offering solutions, makes us tune out and switch off.

It’s my aim to engage and inform people who aren’t interested in the high-school politics that seems to be possessing Parliament House and focus instead on what is being achieved or not achieved, as the case may be. I will aim to present the best arguments from both sides, along with facts and figures that can be substantiated.

The tone will be light and conversational and will assume that the reader doesn’t know the background issues.

This isn’t an opinion blog, and I won’t be drawn into arguing about the Carbon Tax or defending a political party. My aim is simple really, to cut the crap.


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