The Drum

5 Apr

ABC’s drum blog is an outlet for their journos and other commentators to write opinion pieces that wouldn’t usually get a run in their ‘un-biased’ regular news coverage. The Drum has subcategories like unleashed, you said it and user contributed photos. Profiles on the regular contributors are also given a separate page, so you can read a brief bio to get some background on them.

 Comments are encouraged but moderated before publishing. They have a lengthy comments policy which is linked to on each story. The policy basically says the ABC reserves the right to edit comments or not publish them if they are defamatory, off topic, or intend to inspire hateful discussion. They encourage users not to use their real names, but email addresses are compulsory to be able to comment. You can also ‘alert moderator’ to comments that are already published if you think they are out of line.  The original writer of each story generally doesn’t contribute to the comment stream, leaving it to members of the public to debate it by themselves.

Each Drum page has a link to their facebook and twitter accounts, providing the necessary social media link. Their twitter just provides links to the new stories being published, conversation isn’t entered into at all.  Their facebook page also reiterates their comment policy.


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