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21 Mar

Canberra’s Autumn Festivals. Big waste of money?

 We want to do a retrospective look at the festivals that Canberra has been swamped by in recent months.

The Canberra Festival is the umbrella festival that celebrates Canberra’s birthday every year. With the upcoming centenary, this year has seen record amounts of public money spent on encouraging visitors to the Capital. It encompasses Enlighten, the Balloon Festival and Skyfire.

I was inspired to do the idea after attending some festival events that were only half full, or didn’t attract many people at all. Eddie Vedder and Chris Isaak performed as part of the Enlightened Festival, and didn’t even come close to selling out. For such big international artists, it was surprising to see that organisers couldn’t sell all the tickets.

A smaller festival focused on Canberra residents is ‘You are Here’ which also received vast amounts of public money and grants to happen.

We have already started compiling images of the festival, and I am chief photographer as I have the best quality camera.

Here are some of my photos so far:

Hopefully we’ll also be able to interview David Finnigan who organised You Are Here to provide a countering view as his festival wasn’t targeted at tourists.


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